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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beginnings 2!

In class we have been doing these so called "Beginnings" and we are left with our head to be creative as can be to tell how to end it. This was pretty fun and the spirit of the classroom rose and it was alive! This was in interesting way to go about our class setting and honestly I think it was a brilliant idea! I love it and I wish I could have a class as cool as this one for college but this creativity has led the young minds to explore on another level. This can be used in the debate of how solid education shall be. Letting the young mind explore our creativeness in writing is a great technique that clearly has worked and has proven itself. I overheard Dr. Preston telling a classmate, like 'wow! I didn't know you were such a creative writer!' That astonished him and me without even knowing. It brought out some a different view on how we write and how amazing it could be if one would really let us off the leash to be free and  let the mind run wild.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Every high school classroom is the same! Who doesn't know that? Dr. Preston is letting us use his classroom and design it to be the way us students would feel comfortable learning in! like wow! Does that not amaze anyone because teachers don't usually let us do things like that! So my idea was to definitely talk more with the classroom in how and what we are going to put in the classroom because again everyone has their own perspective and feel of the environment they are comfortable learning in. I love the outdoors, maybe some nice big plants in a few of the corners of the room would be nice; a couch would be comfortable to chill and do homework or study on; instead of desks put a nice big spacious table in the middle of the classroom; Putting art up on the wall feels nice so we don't have to look up at white walls but they have to have meaning, some extraordinary art to wonder my thoughts to. I would love to know and hear what other people think on how else to design the classroom! :) So please feel free to comment.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Responce to: Recovery for whom?

This article makes more sense when I put two and two together. The high class individuals are living in more satisfaction than ever and the more they get wealth, the more the poverty line gets pushed down! This is a major problem I see in many cities, even the highest cost if living Sates. The millenniums of today are struggling more than years before, the morals of young people are falling apart and overall living the life is a struggle. There is only so much that could be 'sugar coated' until that coat fades away. Looking at all the data and evidence that supports what is being stated in the article is clear enough to be that there is a bigger problem than what it seemed! Please someone explain to me why and what needs to happen for the government officials, the states, senators, the congress to understand that this problem needs to be fixed NOW! Thinking of our future generations and how worse hasn't even started with unemployed and uneducated human beings, what potential does society have without the right tools in the economy to succeed at it's best and full potential? How does that benefit the world we live in today?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Responce to "Parental Involvement Is Overrated"

The studies done to support George W. Bush's No Child left Behind Campaign, was ideally the only correct way to help children academically. But come to find out that this evidence was not fully concluded and open for more studies because there is a controversy argument to it, is just astonishing. I thought that being more involved in the children's school studies would really improve their curriculum. Come to realize that it is complete opposite! How should we feel now? After so many years thinking that we had the right idea on how to help our children academically, come to a false reality? "In fact, there were more instances in which children had higher levels of achievement when their parents were less involved than there were among those whose parents were more involved." -Keith Robinson. As parents not always does it hurt to be involved in the child's academic studies and there is studies to support that idea. So with the knowledge shared, we need to start taking a look at the evidence and put two and two together if we want the best for our future generation of beautiful children!

Responce to "Raising a Moral Child"

After reading the article on how to raise a child right with the correct morals it was interesting to me that there was plenty of research to show the statements being made in the article were greatly supported. With that in tact I believe the author is correct on parenting styles and how we are unaware of how parents bring up their children.  Adults are the role models and there is a less chance for a child to learn when just being spoken to repeatedly to do something when the individual themselves are not corresponding their actions with their words. Raising a child is not in easy job and we all know this because no one is perfect but if we just come together to our senses and collaborate with people who have experience, finding an expert or local psychologist or read this article to get an idea on where to start, we could initially raise a child right! Think about it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Crossroads between SHOULD and MUST

Should is what people want me to do, what society has limited me to do, what is "normal" and Must is who I am, what I want to do, what I feel is normal. The article definitely emphasizes these two roads clearly and makes a great point for people who are stuck in their life right now or even board and need to be out of the robotic form of life because we should live the "normal" lifestyle that is set for people in the world today. In relation to what the article mentioned, I am currently directed toward the Should road and I know numerous individuals who are as well. What has been repeated and embedded is to basically live the form of lifestyle; Go to school-graduate-find a job that pays high in todays economy-get your own material things set-settle down with a family-live happily ever after and die! Without realization, this is exactly what many society's do no matter what part of the world we live in, and there are those dearly individuals who have completely devoted their lives to Must. I admire those whom, no matter what has had the strength to redirect themselves into the road of Must. I know I don't even know who I am because as I am still developing what I am taught is really embedded into my life from the moment I was born. I was born on crossroads of Should and Must, as I grow it seems like I'm automatically directed to the Should road as if there were no other roads to take. So it will take me time to think about whether I want to get near that cliff that is opaque and without visual of depth! If I dedicate myself to finding my inner self and finding who I am, what I want to do, I can see living down the road of Must with much pleasure.

Student Development Theory!

Student Developing Theory

Above is a link for students in college or even curious minds. Student Development is the application of human development concepts in settings so that everyone involved can master these three formal applications:

  1. Increasingly complex developmental tasks
  2. Achieve self-direction and
  3. Become independent    
This professor dives into many theorists involved in the Student Developing Theory and it is quite intriguing what he has to say! "We are advocates of the student." is his conclusion. In the beginning he asks us to think about,  'What guides our practice?' Think about it and if your interested I highly recommend this video as it was referred to me from my child developmental psychologist teacher, Mrs. Whitehead! =)